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Hanoi police deploy forces to ensure traffic order in post-Tet time

February, 17 2021
MPS - The Traffic Police Office under the Municipal Police Department of Hanoi held an event on February 16 to deploy forces to ensure traffic order and safety after the Tet holiday.

The event saw the presence of Major General Tran Quoc Trung, Vice Director of the Traffic Police Department, Senior Colonel Nguyen Hong Ky, Vice Director of Hanoi Municipal Police Department.

According to reports at the event, the traffic police force of Hanoi has tried its best to ensure order and safety inside the city and gateways to the city during the 5-day Tet holiday, from February 10 to 15. 

Local traffic police units have handled over 1,300 cases of traffic violation, seized 93 involved vehicles, and revoked 92 driver’s licenses of offended drivers. 

Hanoi police deploy forces to ensure traffic order in post-Tet time.

Additionally, the traffic police of Hanoi have successfully convoyed and safely protected leaders of the Party, State, the city, the Ministry of Public Security while they paid Tet visits to various areas. Especially, they in collaboration with other forces ensured traffic order and safety around Thong Nhat Park where the firework event to celebrate the Lunar New Year took place. 

Major General Tran Quoc Trung and Senior Colonel Nguyen Hong Ky appreciated the efforts and working results of the capital city’s police in general and the traffic police force of Hanoi in particular. 

The two high-ranking police officers asked the Hanoi police forces to ensure security and order, traffic order and safety in post-Tet time, when a large number of people from all over the country returned to Hanoi after the holiday. According to them, ensuring traffic order would contribute to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

by Quang Cuong