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Hanoi Police Hospital active in fighting Covid-19

February, 16 2020
MPS - The Hanoi Municipal Police Hospital has prepared its force and means for a possible outbreak of the corona virus disease (Covid-19). The prevention and fight against Covid-19 has been considered an extremely important political task of the Hospital.

The Hanoi Police Hospital is assigned to quarantine and monitor the health status of any people entering Vietnam from Hubei Province, China within 14 days.

The hospital has established a Steering Committee for Covid-19 prevention and fight, and prepared facilities, medicines, medical equipment, protective clothing and experts to quarantine and treat Covid-19 patients.

Doctors and nurses of the hospital prepare medical equipment for Covid-19 prevention.


Especially, the hospital has also arranged 44 rooms with 88 fully equipped beds to treat patients with the disease.

By the end of February 12, the hospital has received and monitored health status of 24 Vietnamese students and citizens returning from China.  

The patients suspected of the disease will be quarantined for 14 days. Those who are detected with symptoms such as high temperatures, cough and headache will be transferred to higher-level hospitals.

At the same time, the Hanoi Police Hospital also provided thousands of facemasks, hand wash bottles and necessary medical equipment to specialized police forces, detention centers, and district police stations to actively prevent Covid-19.

by Thu Phuong