Hanoi police tighten checks of traffic flow on gateways to the city

July, 25 2021
MPS - After applying social distancing measure in Hanoi as part of the local effort to fight against COVID-19, streets in the capital are empty but the police forces at checkpoints on the main gateways to the city have to work hard to control traffic flows to the city.

According to Captain Nhu Quoc Hoi, working at checkpoint No. 22, in Soc Son district, the traffic police check all means of transport entering the capital city. 

Additionally, they also coordinated with other forces to measure body temperature of and check all passengers and drivers, especially drivers of inter-provincial coaches, buses, taxis, charter and tourist buses, for their obedience of anti-pandemic regulations.

Hanoi police tighten checks of traffic flow on gateways to the city.

Senior Lieutenant Pham Anh Dao, an officer of Traffic Police Squad No. 15, who is currently working at checkpoint No. 22, said that police officers there explain to drivers and passengers about the city’s newly-applied COVID-19 prevention policy and persuaded people without adequate reasons for entering the city in turning back.  Sometimes, the police officers have to spend much time on stubborn people. 

Checkpoint No. 22 is located at the boundary between Hanoi and Thai Nguyen province. The road section is normally crowded with people and vehicles. After the Hanoi People’s Committee’s announcement of social distancing on July 23, the number of people and vehicles entering the capital city surged, which made the police officers and officers of other forces at the checkpoint work harder. 

In addition to performing their duties at the checkpoint, Nhu Quoc Hoi and his comrades also dealt with traffic accidents nearby. 

by Van Yen