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HCMC’s Task Force Police Unit 363 shows efficiency

February, 21 2019
MPS - Seven teams of the Task Force Police Unit 363 were established by the Municipal Police Department of Ho Chi Minh City a month ago. After that Police Stations of various districts of the city also formed similar working teams to better ensure security and order in their designated areas.

Senior Colonel Le Anh Tuan, Chief of the Thu Duc District Police Station, mentioned the results of a joint patrol conducted by the Police Post of Truong Tho ward and the Task Force Police Unit 363 as an example of success. According to Tuan, after 4 hours patrolling, the joint police unit found 6 drivers positive for drugs. Earlier, it took a long time to form a joint force for patrol. Thanks to the formation of police force 363, which consists of criminal, traffic and mobile police officers, patrols have become more efficient and effective. Additionally, the joint police force applies flexible approaches to detect and handle violations. They may conduct patrols along the road, set up checkpoints at hotspots or join other forces to attack criminals.

A team of the Task Force Police Unit 363 on duty.

Over the last month of operation, the Task Force 363 has detected 54 cases of robbery, loan-sharking, public order disturbances and illegal storage of drugs, involving 90 suspects. Among the cases, 20 involved rudimental weapons, and 21 are related to drug trafficking and storage. In addition, the Task Force 363 has also handled 1,223 violations of traffic regulations over the past month.

The birth of Task Force Unit 363 has indeed contributed significantly to preventing crimes, and reducing the crime rate in the streets and public areas. Specifically, the number of criminal cases in Ho Chi Minh City dropped 81 cases (equivalent to 23%) in the month with the operation of the Task Force 363 compared with the previous month. During the Tet holiday, the number of criminal cases dropped 9.43% (48 cases) while the traffic accidents reduced 16.33% (8 cases), compared with the same period last year.

by Hai Long