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Hotline for complaints on traffic order and safety during Tet

January, 31 2019
MPS - The National Committee for Traffic Safety (NCTS) has announced a number of hotlines to receive people’s reports and queries on traffic issues during the Lunar New Year holiday (Tet) and the season of spring festivals.

1. To report on handling of administrative violations of traffic order and safety, contact the Traffic Police Department: 099 567 6767; 069 234 2608

2. To report on issues related to road traffic issues, contact:

- Department of Transportation, Vietnam Road Administration (VRA): 0983.60.8989

- Traffic Safety Department, VRA: 0916.60.8085

- Traffic Safety Department, Vietnam Road Administration VRA: 0903.479.808

- Transport Infrastructure Department: 0903.479.808

- Transportation Department, Ministry of Transport: 0964.045.445

- Inspectorate of the Ministry of Transport - Ministry of Transport: 0962.665.953

- Vehicle overload control, VRA: 0915.86.9900

3. To report on issues related to railway, contact the Vietnam Railway Authority: 0865367565

4. To report on issues related to aviation, contact: 0916.562.119

5. To report on issues related to inland waterways, contact: 0243.5481888; 0942.10.74.74

6. To report on issues of traffic safety and order, and traffic accidents, contact numbers of:

- Office of National Traffic Safety Committee: 0989.088.719; 0981.759.328; 0941.329.634; 0936.198.387

- Traffic Safety Department, Ministry of Transport: 0977.497.891

The NCTS requests traffic participants and people to accurate and sufficient information that includes the itinerary, location, vehicle registration plate, flight code (in case of air traffic) and detailed violations when report cases to the hotlines. Texts to these numbers are preferred to offer convenience to relevant agencies and ensure safety for the informer.

by Minh Phuong