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Investigation police prosecute five suspects for wrongdoings in road construction

February, 19 2020
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MPS - The Investigation Police Department under the Ministry of Public Security is currently conducting an investigation into the serious case of violating construction regulations at the Vietnam Expressway Corporation, the Danang - Quang Ngai Expressway Project Management Board and other relevant agencies.

The Investigation Police Department on February 13 issued decisions to prosecute, detention orders, residential confinement orders and search warrants against five suspects for their serious violation of construction regulations causing heavy consequences, under Article 298 of the Criminal Code 2015. The five suspects are as follows:

(1) Vu Nhu Khue - former Director of the Executive Board for Package No. 1;

Suspect Vu Nhu Khue.


(2) Quan Trong Tuan - former Director of the Executive Board for Package 3B;

Suspect Quan Trong Tuan.


(3) Nguyen Quoc Hai - former Director of the Executive Board for Package No. 6;

Suspect Nguyen Quoc Hai.


(4) Phan Khanh Toan - former Director of the Executive Board for Package No. 4;

Suspect Phan Khanh Toan.


(5) Phan Ngoc Thom - Deputy Director of the Executive Board for Package No. 2 and Package 3B - Danang - Quang Ngai Expressway Project.

Suspect Phan Ngoc Thom.


The police have taken  Phan Khanh Toan and Phan Ngoc Thom in custody, prohibited Vu Nhu Khue, Quan Trong Tuan and Nguyen Quoc Hai from leaving their places.

According to the police, the above suspects had violated construction regulations causing huge losses to the State Budget while implementing and accepting the Da Nang - Quang Ngai Expressway Project.

After the Supreme People's Procuracy approved the above procedural decisions, on the same day, the Investigation Police Department issued them in line with the Criminal Procedure Code.

Currently, the Investigation Police Department is expanding the investigation and collecting more documents to further clarify acts of violating the laws as  well as verifying and seizing the suspects’ assets to later recuperate the lost property in compliance with the law.

by Viet Thanh