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Lang Son police resolutely attack drug-related crimes

July, 09 2019
MPS - The border areas of Lang Son have seen complex situations of drug-related crimes in recent years. Particularly, Lang Son became a transit for heroin trafficked from other countries to China as well as synthetic drugs from China to other Vietnamese localities. More dangerously, new types of synthetic drugs appeared in forms of milk tea or herbal tea, setting young people’s curiosity agog.

Police officers arrest a group of people using drugs in a karaoke bar.


Against this backdrop, the Lang Son Provincial Police Department has opened various campaigns to prevent and fight drug trafficking rings. In the first 6 months of 2019, functional forces of Lang Son cracked down on 179 drug cases, arrested 312 people involved, seized 79.63 kg of heroin, 2.9 kg of crystalline drugs, some 2,000 pills of synthetic drugs, 119 bullets, over 1 billion VND and various other exhibits.

 Police officers of Lang Son disseminate legal regulations on drug prevention and information about the harms of drugs to local people and students.


In April 2019 only, the local police successfully investigated two major drug trafficking cases. The police caught in red Hoang Thi Lam (45, resident of Tan My commune, Van Lang district) trafficking some 7 kg of heroin from Hanoi to Lang Son on April 1, and Chu Van Ninh (34, resident of Long Son commune, Dak Mil district, Dak Nong) trafficking heroin from the Central Highlands to Lang Son on April 27. When the investigation police expanded the case, they also arrested other people involved.

Additionally, the Lang Son Provincial Police Department directed local police forces to eliminate drug retail spots. In the first 6 months of 2019, professional units under the Lang Son Provincial Police Department have swept away 93 drug related hotspots, arrested 98 drug dealers most of whom were drug addicts. 

Moreover, the Lang Son Provincial Police also coordinated with relevant local agencies to take 44 addicts to compulsory rehabilitation centers while promoting information campaigns against drugs in the communities, with a focus on young people.

By resolutely attacking drug-related crimes, the Lang Son Provincial Police have curbed other crimes, and maintained public security and order in the border areas of Lang Son.

By Quang Linh