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Leading trouble-makers in Binh Thuan must be seriously punished: local authorities

June, 12 2018
MPS - Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Son, Deputy Minister of Public Security, on June 11, worked with the Provincial Party Committee, People’s Committee and functional forces of Binh Thuan to find out solutions to the current disturbances of social order at the headquarters of the People’s Committee.

After being briefed on the situations, Deputy Minister Son, on behalf of the leaders of the MPS, urged relevant forces to clarify and seriously handle leading elements of the movements that provoked local people into illegally assembling, opposing functional forces, causing disturbances and sabotaging State-owned assets at the headquarters of the People’s Committee and neighboring areas. 

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son asks functional forces to handle the incident.

Deputy Minister Son also asked competent agencies and forces to promote law dissemination and give local people explanation and warnings against conspiracies and tricks of hostile forces and bad elements so that local people stay away from them and avoid participating in the social disturbances and other illegal activities, undermining the local security and order.

Earlier on the afternoon of June 10, a small group paraded through streets of Phan Thiet city, and when they reached the People’s Committee, they started to shout, smash everything in protest against the draft Law on Special Economic and Administrative Units, which was still under discussion at the National Assembly. Especially, some extremists even pushed down the gate and fences of the Provincial People’s Committee and nearby public projects, ruined premises, fired vehicles and even attacked police officers. Although the police officers in charge of guarding the premises tried to prevent and calm the mass in a peaceful manner, some intentionally injured them. 

The situation remained bad until the 1 am of the next day as functional forces were able to dismiss the incited crowds. The functional forces have so far arrested 102 extremists and 78 vehicles for investigation.

Some extremists cause riots at the headquarters of the Binh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee on late evening of June 10:

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