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Minister To Lam defends draft law on grassroots-level security protection force at NA

November, 18 2020
MPS - Minister of Public Security General To Lam defended the draft law on the grassroots-level security protection force at the ongoing 10th session of the National Assembly (NA) chaired by NA Vice Chairman Do Ba Ty on November 17.

On behalf of the drafting agency, Minister To Lam explained some issues of NA deputies' concern although some deputies showed their consensus on the need to draft and promulgate the law.

According to Minister To Lam, the concept of a force that is responsible for ensuring security and social order at the grassroots levels in the draft law has existed since the early days of the August Revolution. Recently, the force has been increasingly developing in practice, and is serving as a key force in implementing the Government’s policy on using “four on-spot” resources for local security protection.

Overview of the session.

The Minister also said that the draft law will strengthen the management and regulate the functions, missions of various voluntary and self-governing security protection forces, which are established and now operating on different models in localities across the country.

The Government had reviewed the real situation at localities in a careful and comprehensive manner and studied the existing regulations on forces involved in grassroots-level security protection to serve as grounds for building the law.

Minister To Lam speaks at the session.

Minister To Lam affirmed that the Ministry of Public Security will cooperate with relevant committees of the National Assembly to seriously consider about ideas and comments from the NA deputies on the draft law so as to complete it before submitting it to the National Assembly for approval.

by Bui Tuan