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Minister To Lam meets reputable persons of ethnic minorities from Soc Trang

June, 04 2019
MPS - General To Lam, Minister of Public Security on June 4 met with a visiting delegation of reputable persons of ethnic minority communities in Soc Trang province.

Minister To Lam speaks at the meeting.


In recent years, with effective supports from the Party, the State as well as from Central agencies and provincial authorities, ethnic minorities in Soc Trang have gained various achievements in socio-economic development, public security and social order and safety, poverty reduction, healthcare and education, preservation and development of culture of ethnic minorities, and community unity promotion.

An over view of the meeting.


The ethnic minority groups in Soc Trang have made great contributions to the achievements of the province while reputable persons of the ethnic minorities have always taken the lead in security protection movements, contributed to promoting national unity, and actively participated in crime prevention and fight.

Minister To Lam offers flowers to the delegation.


Speaking at the meeting, Minister To Lam thanked and congratulated ethnic minority groups in Soc Trang, particularly reputable persons, on their achievements in the cause of national development and defense.

Minister To Lam and the delegation of reputable persons of ethnic minority groups from Soc Trang.


He also expressed his hope that the reputable persons of the Soc Trang ethnic minority groups would further mobilize local people to follow policies of the Party, the laws of the State, and contribute more to the national security movement, foster the unity of ethnic minority groups, mobilize ethnic minority people to fight distorted information and attempts of reactionary and hostile forces, while actively participating in crime prevention and fight, contributing to local security and order. Additionally, Minister To Lam hoped that the reputable persons would encourage the ethnic people to support the police forces in ensuring political security and social order and safety.

by Duy Tien