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Minister To Lam works with Fire Police of HCMC

March, 23 2018
MPS - Senior Lieutenant General To Lam, Minister of Public Security on March 21 worked with the Fire Prevention and Fighting Police of Ho Chi Minh City.

The Fire Police of HCMC has successfully reduced more than 57% of fire incidents in the first months of the year compared to the same period of 2017, decreased the number of deaths and especially let no explosions happen in the locality.

Seriously following the Resolution No. 06 of the Central Party Committee of Public Security on studying and implementing the project “Renovating and streamlining the public security apparatus for more efficiency and effectiveness”, the leadership of the Municipal Fire Police Department reviewed the numbers of its subordinate units’ personnel, and merged some sub-department- and team-level units with similar functions and missions into ones, while holding training courses, transferring and posting officers in accordance with the procedures and regulations.

Minister To Lam speaking at the event.

Speaking at the meeting, Minister Lam highly appreciated the efforts of the HCMC Fire Police in fire prevention and in Party and force building as well as its effective coordination with other forces, including the HCMC Municipal Police Department, military units and other local organizations in fire prevention and fighting. The Fire Police of HCMC is also the leading unit among the country’s fire police force in advising the local leadership on solutions and approaches to solve problems arising in practices of fire prevention and fighting, to reduce fire and explosion incidents and losses caused by fire.

Minister To Lam also asked that the Fire Police of HCMC to coordinate with other units to learn various causes of fire incidents and find solutions to prevent fire as fire incidents can be criminal cases, for example using fire to destroy evidence or to kill other people; burning factories, facilities for insurance and compensation. They should also raise public awareness of fire prevention and fighting and promote legal dissemination among all people, especially to owners of premises used for both residential and business purposes.

Leaders of the MPS, the Department of.

According to Minister Lam, the Central Public Security Party Committee and the leaders of the Ministry of Public Security have defined 2018 as the year of “Organization and Personnel Work”. He underscored that this is a very important issue, directly impacting many aspects of the police work and thoughts and psychology of all officers and soldiers, so the Fire Police of HCMC should set an example in implementing the major policy.

By Nguyen Hoang