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Minister To Lam works with Hanoi’s Municipal Police and Fire Police

November, 17 2017
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MPS - Senior Lieutenant General To Lam, Minister of Public Security led a delegation to visit and work with the Hanoi Municipal Police and Fire Prevention and Fighting Police on November 15.



In 2017, the Hanoi police force proactively and effectively advised the Party committees and authorities at all levels to promulgate guidelines and measures and direct subordinate agencies, organizations and people to maintain security and order, fire prevention and rescue while implementing various plans to ensure absolute safety for many important political events in the city, activities of leaders of the Party, the State and international delegations and especially the events of APEC 2017.

The city’s police force also took drastic measures to effectively prevent and curb criminal activities. The situation of social order and safety has seen positive changes. The city’s police also enhanced the effectiveness and efficiency of State management of security and order in the locality.

Minister To Lam highly appreciated and praised the achievements of the Hanoi Municipal Police and Fire Prevention and Fighting Police since the beginning of 2017.

Minister Lam urged the local police force to improve the quality of the basic professional work, promote the advisory role to further enhance social and professional preventive approaches while resolutely fighting criminal activities.

The Minister asked the city’s police to coordinate with local authorities, relevant agencies and people to implement comprehensive measures to curb traffic accidents, ensure urban order and promote fire prevention.


By Duy Tien