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MPS affirms zero-tolerance policy towards economic crime and corruption

January, 06 2020
MPS - The Police Department for Corruption, Smuggling and Economics Crimes (The Police Department for Economic Crimes), under the Ministry of Public Security, on January 3rd held a conference to review its task performance in 2019 and roll out its working plan of 2020. Major General Nguyen Duy Ngoc, Deputy Minister of Public Security attended and delivered a keynote speech at the event.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Duy Ngoc speaks at the Conference.


In 2019, the Police Department of Economic Crimes invested more cases related to economic crime than 2018. Particularly, the force investigated 4,961 cases (up by 21%) and prosecuted new 3,434 cases (up by 28.71%).

Nevertheless, the force still managed to improve the quality and progress of their investigation of all economic cases, especially those under the direction and supervision of the Central Steering Committee on Anti-corruption.

Under the authority of the President, Deputy Minister Nguyen Duy Ngoc presents the Second-class National Protection Medal to one unit under the Police Department for Economic Crimes.


Speaking at the conference, Deputy Minister Nguyen Duy Ngoc acknowledged and hailed the achievements of the Police Department for Economic Crimes in 2019. 

Regarding its working plan for 2020, the deputy minister requested that all officers of the unit should strictly observe the laws in investigation to avoid any wrongdoings. The Police Department for Economic Crimes should closely follow situational developments and give exact forecasts on the economic crime situation, and make good recommendations on solutions for higher-level authorities.

by Mai Hoa