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MPS directs forces to respond to Hurricane No.11

October, 14 2017
MPS - In Dispatch No.14, Lieutenant General Pham Quan Cu, Director of the General Department of Logistics and Techniques (G.D 3), orders all public security forces to proactively respond to developments of the coming storm and its potential consequences.


Police officers join hands in disaster-relief in Hoa Binh.


Lieutenant General Pham Quang Cu,  Deputy Chairman of the Directing Board on Climate Change, Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and Rescue under the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), has signed and sent the dispatch to the lower-level Boards on Climate Change, Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, and Search and Rescue (the Boards) of General Departments, Commands, Fire Police sub-Departments of coastal provinces from Quang Ninh to Phu Yen and the Gulf of Tonkin, requesting them to frequently update information of developments of the storm, and prevent and control consequences of the storm.

According to the dispatch, the lower-level boards are required to seriously implement Dispatch No. 82/CĐ-TW issued on October 13, 2017 by the Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control.

The lower-level boards on natural disasters of the MPS should also closely monitor the developments of storm, and coordinate with involved units to ensure safety for people and vessels at ports or other shelters. Public security agencies and units should be ready to deploy their forces and means to areas prone to flash floods and landslides, and to river banks and mining areas exposed to erosion in the localities severely affected by the recent rains and floods so as to quickly conduct evacuation and rescue operations on request. Local police units must strengthen forces in charge of maintaining traffic safety and order in dangerous areas.

All public security agencies and units should keep their offices, camps, detention and custody centers and reformatories absolutely safe. They should also assigned forces to protect key economic and political projects, and deploy plans to preserve dossiers, documents, means and working facilities of the police offices to avoid damages caused by rains or floods.
By Duy Tien