MPS leadership meets NA deputies working with Public Security Forces

May, 24 2022
MPS - The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) held a meeting on May 24 with National Assembly (NA) Deputies serving in the Public Security Forces, amid the ongoing 3th session of the 15th NA. Senior General Tran Quoc To, Deputy Minister of Public Security chaired the meeting.

Overview of the meeting.

The meeting also saw the presence of the MPS leaders, representatives of the MPS’s functional units and NA deputies.

At the meeting, the delegates exchanged information and issues regarding the law projects and draft laws related to the Public Security Forces, particularly the ones that will be discussed and are expected to be approved at the 3th session of the 15th NA.

Concluding the meeting, Deputy Minister Tran Quoc To suggested that the NA deputies working with the People's Public Security Forces should heighten their sense of responsibility while discussing law projects related to the Public Security Forces, saying that these laws will help the Public Security Forces successfully complete their assigned tasks.

by Nam Khanh