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MPS meets trainees of 72nd Security and Defence Training Course

September, 13 2018
MPS - The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) on September 13 met with leaders of the National Defence Academy and trainees of the 72nd training course on security and defence. Senior Lieutenant General To Lam, Politburo Member, Secretary of Public Security Party Committee, and Minister of Public Security chaired the meeting.

Minister To Lam speaks at the meeting.

Minister Lam thanked the leadership of the National Defence Academy, the relevant ministries, branches and localities as well as learners of the training course for their great supports, in recent years, for the People's Public Security Forces in successfully fulfilling all given tasks by the Party, the State and the people.

Representative of the course present gifts to the leader of the MPS.

Minister To Lam hoped that the People's Police Forces would receive further care, coordination and cooperation from Central agencies, local authorities, organizations and individuals so that the forces can best perform their tasks of ensuring political security, social order and safety and building the public security forces, contributing to promoting national socio-economic development, and strengthening national defense and security.

Minister To Lam and delegates of the meeting.

Representatives of the training course sincerely thanked the Central Party Committee of Public Security, the Ministry of Public Security and Minister Lam for the great care and support. The representative trainees promised that, in the coming time, all trainees of the course would further support the People's Police Forces, and coordinate closely with the People's Police Forces to firmly safeguard national security in the new situation, contributing to the country’s construction and protection of the Fatherland.

By Minh An