MPS, MoD reviews coordination in national defense, security protection

July, 16 2021
MPS - The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) and the Ministry of Defense (MoD) co-held a meeting on July 16 in Hanoi to review results of the implementation of Decree No. 03/2019/ND-CP issued by the Government on September 5, 2019, on the coordination of the People’s Public Security Forces and People’s Army in protecting national security, maintaining social order, controlling crime, and implementing national defense tasks, over the past six months.

The event was co-chaired by Deputy Minister of Public Security Lieutenant General Tran Quoc To, and Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People's Army and Deputy Minister of Defense Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Tan Cuong.

Reports at the event read that, over the past six months, under the sound leadership of the Party and State, with the assistance of local authorities and people, the People’s Public Security Forces and the People’s Army have absolutely protected the national security and ensured safety and security for important political and diplomatic events in the country, especially the 13th National Party Congress and the election of deputies to the 15th National Assembly and People's Councils at all levels.

Overview of the meeting.

The two armed forces have played a key role in the country’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic as well as in response to natural disasters and rescue work. 

Additionally, the police forces and border guard force also coordinated to strictly manage the border and control illegal border crossings in an effort to prevent COVID-19 infection in the community. 

The public security and military forces also participated in tracing COVID-19 suspects in the community, supported local authorities in stamping out pandemic outbreaks and deployed forces to ensure security and safety in concentrated quarantine zones.

Deputy Minister of Defense Nguyen Tan Cuong speaks at the event.

Speaking at the conference, the two deputy ministers praised the efforts of officers and soldiers of the two forces over the past time.

Regarding their missions in the future, Deputy Minister To and Deputy Minister Cuong asked the two forces to strengthen their coordination and information exchange while promptly advising the Party and State on appropriate guidelines and solutions to firmly protect national sovereignty, national interests, and national security. 

Deputy Minister of Public Security Tran Quoc To delivers his speech at the meeting.

The two forces were also asked to grasp and effectively implement the guidelines and directions of their upper levels to firmly protect the country and safeguard national security in the new context.

The two leaders also asked public security and military units at all levels to continue playing their important role in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic while enhancing border management and controlling illegal border crossings, contributing to preventing the disease from spreading. They should well carry out gratitude activities for martyrs and wounded soldiers on the occasion of July 27.

by Thien Huong