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MPS Office open training course for public security reporters on crime prevention and fight

June, 14 2019
MPS - The Office of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) in coordination with the Provincial Police Department of Yen Bai to open a training course on crime prevention and control on June 14 for public security reporters and orators of the Steering Committee for Crime Prevention and Control (Steering Committee 138) of the 20 Northern provinces and centrally-run cities.

Attendants of the course.


Participants in the course discussed 4 major topics: Assessing results of the operation of the Steering Committee 138 in recent years, and current main working aspects of the Steering Committee 138; results of crime prevention and combat in recent years as well as orientations and solutions to overcome limitations in crime prevention and combat in the coming time; results of prevention and fight against drug-related crimes in recent years and solutions to improve the efficiency of the work in the time to come; results of prevention and fight against human trafficking as well as against domestic violence and child abuse in the past time and solutions to raise the efficiency of the operations in the time ahead.

The training course also provided the trainees with information about the current crime situation, and the work of preventing and fighting several crimes and social evils. During the course, participants were encouraged to exchange working experiences and good examples in preventing and fighting crimes and social evils. With the knowledge and experience acquired during the course, public security reporters and orators can improve the quality and effectiveness of public dissemination and education of the laws, contributing to reducing crimes and ensuring political security, public order and security.

by Duy Tien