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MPS opens first-ever shooting and martial arts contest 2020

October, 07 2020
MPS - The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) held a ceremony to open the first-ever martial arts and shooting contest for combat security officers on October 6th in Son La province.

Participants in the competition.

The competition has drawn the participation of 600 officers of 37 teams from the specialized departments under the MPS and the provincial police departments of the northern provinces. 

Participating officers will compete in martial arts and shooting events. The martial arts competition includes two categories: combat situations and technical skills based on the 44–move martial art exercise of the Public Security Forces. The shooting contest includes three categories: AK burst-shooting, CZ75 handgun stand-still shooting, and CZ75 handgun mobile shooting.

Right after the opening ceremony, the audience witnessed contestants performing their skillful martial arts movements with flexible, powerful, and accurate strikes in the martial arts competitions.

The shooting and martial arts competition for combat officers runs till October 9, 2020 at the Provincial Youth Activities Center and the live range of the Son La Provincial Police Department.

Photos of competitions.

by An Son