MPS pilots a plan to replace ATM cards by e-ID cards

May, 10 2022
MPS - The National Population Data Center under the Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order on May 9 announced a new pilot plan to replace ATM cards with e-ID cards issued by the Ministry of Public Security (MPS).

Accordingly, the National Population Data Center has launched the pilot plan of using chip-based ID cards to withdraw money at ATMs of several banks in Hanoi and Quang Ninh Province.  

To withdraw money, people scan ID cards on the ATM, so the banking system immediately checks and verifies the information on the chip on the ID card and if the personal information is correct, the transaction will be performed.

MPS pilots  a plan to replace ATM cards by e-ID cards.

The use of e-ID cards will help simplify the administrative procedures as well as reduce risks of cheating as well as errors when making transactions at ATMs.

Instead of using a PIN, the banking system will check and verify the information via customers’ biometric data, including their faces and fingerprints.

According to the National Population Data Center, people can also use e-ID cards or VNeID application instead of their health insurance cards when they visit some medical facilities. 

by Huu Thang