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MPS praises units and individuals for architectural designs of People's Public Security Theater

November, 30 2019
MPS - Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Thanh, Member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Minister of Public Security on November 29 chaired a ceremony to award the Ministry of Public Security's Certificates of Merit to units and individuals with excellent achievements in appraising the architectural design of the People's Public Security (PPS) Theater.

The PPS Theater is a meaningful project in celebration of the 75th Traditional Day of the PPS Forces (August 19, 1945 - August 19, 2020) and the 15th Traditional Day of “All people protect national security” movement (August 19, 2005 - August 19, 2020).

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Thanh speaks at the ceremony.


In order to implement the project, leaders of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) assigned the Department of Party and Political Work as the main investment manager and called for qualified and experienced architecture firms to participate in the theater design contest, and established a Appraisal Council composed of experts in architecture, construction and theatre technical interior design. 

After a short time, architecture firms and individual architects sent to the Council seven designs meeting the criteria set out by the Ministry of Public Security.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Thanh awards Certificates of Merit from the Ministry of Public Security to units and individuals.


Speaking at the ceremony, on behalf of the Public Security Central Party Committee and the Ministry of Public Security, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Thanh recognized and praised all the designers for good ideas and artistic values reflected in their works.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Thanh and delegates at the ceremony.


The Deputy Minister hoped that they will coordinate with functional units under the Ministry of Public Security during the process of building the PPS Theater in the coming time.

* After the ceremony, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Thanh urged functional units under the MPS to coordinate with related parties to complete all necessary procedures in line with the construction schedule.

By An Son