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MPS reviews October task performance

November, 06 2018
MPS - The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) on November 6 organized a conference to review its task performance in October and roll out its missions for November. Senior Lieutenant General To Lam, Minister of Public Security chaired the event.

Major General Luong Tam Quang, Director of the MPS Office, reported on results of the task performance of the Public Security Forces in October as well as announced some major missions for November.

In October, police units all over the country discovered and investigated 3,329 cases, including 1,549 drug-related cases, and cracked down on 240 criminal gangs. In the drug-related cases, the police seized 45.25 kilograms of heroin, 817.26 kilograms and 93,083 pills of synthetic drugs, 95.31 kilograms of marijuana. They also discovered 22 cases ofillegally trading, storing and using of weapons and explosives.


An overview of the event .

During the month, leaders of the MPS visited and checked task performances of the police units in some localities, gave direct instructions to the police units to consolidate their organizational structure and ensure security and order in the localities. National Assembly deputies working at the MPS also held meetings with voters, answered voters’ questions and took note of their suggestions and questions to speak to the sixth session of the National Assembly.

In general, the local police units in localities closely followed the directions of the Ministry on the implementation of their tasks while actively improving the effectiveness of their work, taking specific measures to preventing and fighting crimes; as a result, they achieved various good results, contributing to successfully controlling crimes. 


Minister To Lam speaks at the event.

Speaking at the meeting, Minister To Lam highlighted a number of key tasks to be implemented by the end of 2018. Minister To Lam asked all police units to effectively implement their action plans to ensure security and order in localities. He also asked them to focus on investigating corruption cases which have been scheduled for trial by the end of 2018.

Minister Lam also asked the police force to strictly and effectively implement the Ministry's instructions and take measures to prevent and combat drug-related crime, organized crime related to illegal services of protecting restaurants, wharves and conditional business establishments, as well as black credit, child abuse, illegal possession and use of weapons and explosives.

Major General Luong Tam Quang delivers a general report at the meeting.

Additionally, he asked all agencies and units of the MPS to speed up the progress of  structural reorganization and personnel rearrangement. He urged leaders of all agencies and units to intensify political and ideological education, and management of officers and soldiers, regularly check behaviors and conducts of officers and soldiers when working with citizens, and redress wrongdoings and other discipline problems.

By Nguyen Hoang