MPS rolls out 2021 amnesty plan

July, 15 2021
MPS - The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) held an online conference on July 14 to roll out the State President's decision on amnesty in 2021.

Major General Le Quoc Hung, Deputy Minister of Public Security and Standing Member of the Central Advisory Council for Amnesty, chaired the conference. The virtual event, which was held at the MPS's headquarters in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, saw the presence of representatives from provincial-level police departments and relevant under-ministerial agencies.

In his speech at the conference, Deputy Minister Le Quoc Hung spotlighted positive results of inmate corrections and amnesty work over the past time, affirming that the amnesty policy has demonstrated the Party and the State’s clemency toward well-behaved, repentant inmates as well as the humane tradition of the Vietnamese people. 

Delegates participate in virtual conference from Ho Chi Minh City.

In order to ensure the fairness, appropriateness, and lawfulness of the 2021 amnesty, Deputy Minister Le Quoc Hung asked the Advisory Councils for Amnesty of related sectors to work out detailed plans on implementing the 2021 amnesty plan in their respective domains while closely coordinating with the Police Department for Prison, Correctional Center and Juvenile Reformatory Management in reviewing amnesty policy beneficiaries as planned.

The inter-sector teams in charge of appraising early-released inmates should quickly work on the lists of candidates for early release in a democratic, objective, and transparent manner and in accordance with the Law on Amnesty, the amnesty decision of the President and the guidelines of the Central Advisory Council for Amnesty.

Deputy Minister Le Quoc Hung speaks at the event.

The Deputy Minister also requested the police departments of provinces and municipalities to craft their own working plans to implement the amnesty decision based on the general plan of the MPS and advise the local authorities to effectively execute the 2021 amnesty program. 

The criminal judgment execution agencies under the provincial- and district-level police units as well as the detention centers should carefully review achievements of inmates in serving their sentences and make a list of prisoners eligible for early release as guided by their upper levels.

Delegates attending the online conference in Hanoi.

Additionally, the MPS leader asked public security media and press agencies to spread information about the amnesty policy, procedures and conditions for early release of prisoners and report any wrongdoings during the amnesty decision implementation.

In the face of the complicated COVID-19 pandemic, Deputy Minister Hung asked the relevant agencies and units to prevent the spread of the disease into detention centers and ensure safety for officials in charge of appraising lists of candidates for early release while working at prisons and detention facilities.

by Tien Thanh