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MPS urged to strengthen protection of Party's ideological foundation and fight against hostile views

February, 18 2020
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MPS - The Steering Committee on Protecting the Party's Ideological Foundations and Fighting Wrong and Hostile Views (Steering Committee 35) under the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) on February 17 held a meeting to review its task performance in 2019 and roll out its working plan for 2020.

The event saw the presence of Mr. Vo Van Thuong, Member of the Politburo, member of the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee, Head of the Party’s Commission for Communication and Education, Head of the Central Steering Committee 35. Lieutenant General Bui Van Nam, Member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Minister of Public Security chaired the meeting.

Overview of the meeting.


According to Mr. Vo Van Thuong, in 2019, the Steering Committee 35 of the Ministry of Public Security has effectively coordinated with the press and media in disseminating correct information, especially during important and sensitive events, contributing to preventing negative information, protecting the Party's ideological foundations, and fighting wrong views.

Mr. Vo Van Thuong gives a speech at the meeting.


In 2020, various important events will be organized in Vietnam. In order to ensure a healthy information environment, Mr. Vo Van Thuong suggested, the MPS leadership should direct its Steering Committee 35 to strictly follow resolutions and plans of the Secretariat and the Central Steering Committee 35.

Deputy Minister Bui Van Nam speaks at the meeting.


To conclude the meeting, Deputy Minister Bui Van Nam affirmed that the MPS’s Steering Committee 35 will effectively implement the instructions from Mr. Thuong.

Delegates discuss on the sidelines of the meeting.


The Deputy Minister also urged the committee to renovate its working methods and take drastic measures in performing its tasks. It should enhance information exchange with relevant ministries and agencies, especially the Central Commission for Information and Education, the Ministry of Information and Communications, and the People's Army in preventing and fighting distorted information and wrong views of hostile forces in the new situation.


by Minh Tam