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MPS warns against new tricks of hackers

May, 31 2019
MPS - Specialized units under the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) have promptly detected and stopped hi-tech criminals from occupying assets of various organizations, individuals and enterprises in Vietnam.

The MPS would like to make public new tricks of high-tech criminals to organizations, individuals and businesses throughout the country so that they can raise vigilance and prevent hi-tech criminals from taking advantage of loopholes to appropriate their property.

By taking advantage of security weaknesses, cyber criminals attack and take control of the administration of hundreds of websites of individuals, organizations and businesses, steal their information and data or illegally penetrate the server systems of some businesses running e-wallet services to perform financial transactions appropriating billions of VND.

It is worth mentioning that Vietnamese hackers also hire foreign hackers to look for website vulnerabilities to attack and take control, and then steal the data.

In fighting hi-tech crime in Hanoi, the Department of Cyber Security and Hi-tech Crime Prevention and Control coordinated with the Office of Criminal Police under the Municipal Police Department of Hanoi to promptly detect and arrest hackers using hi-tech tricks to usurp assets of businesses providing online payment services and electronic wallets.

Do Tuan Anh, leader of the hackers, confessed that he has searched for vulnerabilities in the databases of many companies, and hacked hundreds of websites since 2013.

Having taken the administration of the websites, the hi-tech criminals used fake balances of some accounts they had created before, to buy prepaid mobile services cards of all types. They also used many unregistered phone numbers to contact mobile services card dealers to wholesale the mobile services cards they had illegally purchased. The money paid by the mobile services card dealers would then be transferred to various bank accounts held by the hackers.

When withdrawing money from these accounts at ATMs of various banks in Thai Nguyen and some neighboring provinces, the hackers deliberately prevented themselves from being caught by the cameras at the ATM booths.

From September 2018 to April 2019 alone, the hackers attacked the databases of 5 enterprises and stole a large amount of pre-paid mobile services cards, worth some 5 billion VND.

The MPS warns organizations, individuals and businesses to raise their vigilance, enhance information security on websites, email addresses and electronic devices, and establish multi-step login processes and early warning systems to prevent hackers from taking advantage of networks’ weaknesses and commit law violations.

by Duy Tien