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MPS works with MONRE’s on protection of State secrets

August, 23 2019
MPS - Deputy Minister of Public Security Nguyen Van Thanh on August 23 led an inspection team of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) to work with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MONRE) on the draft inspection conclusion on the ministry’s compliance of laws on protection of State secrets.

The working session saw the presence of Mr. Tran Hong Ha, Member of the Party Central Committee and Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, and representatives from relevant agencies under the MPS.

Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Thanh speaks at the event.


Speaking at the event, Minister Tran Hong Ha, noted that the assessments made by the MPS in the draft conclusion were clear, accurate and objective. He also said that this inspection was an opportunity for units under the MONRE to review their State secret protection, and thus improve the efficiency of the work in the coming time. Mr. Tran Hong Ha also asked units of the MONRE to raise their awareness of the state secret protection work and take immediate measures to overcome their shortcomings and limitations. He also hoped the MPS would further support the ministry in this field.

Deputy Minister of Public Security Nguyen Van Thanh asked the departments under the MONRE to seriously implement all contents of the PM’s Directives on protection of state secret in the cyberspace. He also asked relevant units to promote dissemination and education on State secret protection work in order to raise awareness and sense of responsibility of units and individuals for State secrets.

Minister of  Environment and Natural Resources Tran Hong Ha speaks at the event.


Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Thanh suggested the MONRE attach great importance to disseminate regulations on state secret protection to its subordinates.

By Minh An