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MPS’s Office reviews task performance in first half of 2020

June, 30 2020
MPS - The Office of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) on June 30 held a meeting to review its task performance over the past six months of 2020, roll out a working plan for the remaining months and honor outstanding teams and persons in the emulation movement "For Homeland Security” in the period of 2015 - 2020.

The meeting was chaired by Major General To An Xo, Chief of the MPS’s Office.

Over the first half of 2020, the MPS’s Office has taken many measures and plans to well perform their staff work while actively advising the MPS’s leadership to direct all public security units and agencies to ensure national security, social order, and safety.

Delegates at the meeting.

The office also proactively advised the Public Security Central Party Committee and leaders of the MPS on preventive approaches against the COVID-19 pandemic in line with the functions and assignments of the People's Public Security Forces.

Major General To An Xo speaks at the meeting.

At the meeting, delegates discussed and pointed out shortcomings of the unit in performing its tasks, and proposed solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of the staff work of the MPS’s Office in the coming time.

Under the authority of the State President, Major General To An Xo awards the First, Second and Third Class National Protection Orders to senior public security officers who were former leaders of the Police Department of Criminal Pursuit, the Police Department of Staff Work and the MPS’s Office.

Speaking at the meeting, Major General To An Xo asked the sections under the MPS’s Office to pay due attention to advising the MPS’s leaders to effectively direct the tasks of all public security agencies and units set forth in the Public Security Central Party Committee’s Resolution No. 12 and the Minister of Public Security's Directive No. 09 on ensuring national security and maintaining social order and safety in 2020.

Under the authority of the Minister of Public Security, Major General To An Xo awards the Certificates of Merit to two teams and one individual of the MPS’s Office with outstanding achievements.

The office should also propose ideas for the Public Security Central Party Committee to lead the Public Security Forces in implementing resolutions and directives of the Party and the State on ensuring security and order. The Office should promote administrative reforms and application of information technology to all working areas, improve the working effectiveness and efficiency of its subordinate sections.

by Viet Thanh