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Nam Dinh police drastically prevent COVID-19

March, 29 2020
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MPS - As the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic has become increasingly complicated, the Nam Dinh Provicial Police Department has proactively and actively implemented various measures to prevent the spread of disease in the community.

The Nam Dinh Provincial Police Department works closely with functional units to effectively control the situation of the COVID-19 disease in the area.


Currently, there are over 1,500 foreigners living and working in different businesses and facilities in Nam Dinh province while a few of them are quarantined or under health supervision. As requested, the Nam Dinh Provincial Police Department coordinated with the Nam Dinh Medical Center to safely transfer quarantined foreigners to their embassies.

In order to prevent the epidemic, the Nam Dinh Provincial Police Department actively coordinated with the Steering Committee for disease prevention and control at all levels to closely monitor the health of foreigners in the locality while listing and verifying information of foreigners and Vietnamese travelling from abroad from March 7 to 24, 2020.

Information about the epidemic is disseminated in various forms.


Besides, the traffic police force gives information about the disease to people while performing tasks on a number of national ways and provincial roads through the locality. As there is less traffic due to the COVID-19 epidemic, traffic officers participate in raising the public awareness of preventing the spread of epidemic by minimizing travel and wearing facemasks while travelling.

Additionally, all detention facilities of the Nam Dinh Provincial Police Department suspended visits to detainees. Newly detainees are separated from old ones and have health exams twice a day for two consecutive weeks. All facilities have been fully disinfected while inmates are regularly provided with hand sanitizers and facemasks. All local detention facilities try their best to ensure good food and health care for police officers, soldiers and workers as well as detainees.

Police coordinated with medical staff to transfer four foreigners to Ukraine from the quarantine facility.


Senior Colonel Pham Van Long, Director of the Nam Dinh Provincial Police Department said that in the coming time, the police forces of Nam Dinh will continue to take preventive measures to prevent the epidemic.

by Hai Long