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National ASEAN 2020 Committee’s Security and Health Subcommittee makes debut

March, 07 2019
MPS - The Security and Health Subcommittee of the ASEAN National Committee held the first meeting on March 6 to announce the establishment decision and roll out key tasks to ensure security and health for events and activities when Vietnam becomes the ASEAN Chair in 2020. Senior Lieutenant General Bui Van Nam, Deputy Minister of Public Security, Member of the ASEAN National Committee 2020 chaired the meeting.

Deputy Minister Bui Van Nam speaks at the event.

At the meeting, Major General Bui Quang Hai, Vice Head of the MPS Office, announced a decision to establish the Security and Health Subcommittee as well as its working principles and regulations. Under the decision, Senior Lieutenant General Bui Van Nam is the Head of the Subcommittee.

The subcommittee is in charge of all security and health affairs for all international events and activities related to the ASEAN Year 2020. Particularly, it will responsible for protecting absolute safety and security of the summit, ensuring security and safety for all delegates to events and activities in Vietnam, dealing with issues related to the entry and exit of international delegates, ensuring security and safety of air, road and sea border gates before and during events and activities within the framework of the ASEAN Year 2020, deploying preventive medicine approaches, ensuring food hygiene and safety, preparing medical services, devising plans to prevent acts of sabotage and terrorism, as well as to prevent and fight fire, explosion and traffic congestion.

An overview of the meeting.

Speaking at the event, Deputy Minister Bui Van Nam highlighted the importance of the ASEAN Year 2020, contributing to promoting the position of Vietnam. Therefore, the work of ensuring security and safety for all related events and security is demanding and plays an important role in achieving success in the ASEAN Year 2020. He urged all relevant units to proactively draw up plans to prevent issues that would negatively affect the processes of preparing and organizing events and activities of the ASEAN Year 2020.

by Duy Tien