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Nghe An Provincial Police promote drug crime prevention and fight

May, 10 2019
MPS - Nghe An shares 468 km of borderline with 3 provinces of Laos, with 6 border gates and hundreds of small border crossings, which makes it a hub of drug trafficking rings with drug traffickers using military weapons.

Over past month, the Nghe An Provincial Police Department has cracked down on 140 drug-related cases and arrested 186 drug traffickers, seized 708.3kg crystalline drugs, 1.2kg of heroin, 196g and 14,102 pills of synthetic drug, 13.5g marijuana, and 200g opium. The provincial police also successfully discovered 8 major cases, and arrested 21 drug traffickers.

The Provincial Police and Border Guard of Nghe An coordinate in attacking drug-related crimes in border areas.


Particularly, the Nghe An police cracked down on a case involving three people committing drug trafficking, concealment of crime and mugging, seized 700kg of crystalline drugs, 50 speakers as drug containers, and a car. The provincial police was honored by the Provincial People’s Committee for this case.

Drug dealers recently used sophisticating tricks and were ready to react spontaneously and dangerously to functional forces. They also used cars and motorcycles to traffic drugs through small border crossings and made transactions at places of difficult terrains after midnight.

According to Senior Colonel Nguyen Manh Hung, Vice Director of the Nghe An Provincial Police Department, the provincial police would mobilize all forces and means and coordinate with the Border Guard force to open investigation into major cases, resolutely attacking drug-related gangs in border districts while promoting law dissemination to raise local people’s awareness and restoring security and order in the area.

by Thien Huong