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North Central Coast Mobile Police Regiment conducts 2019 exercise

November, 28 2019
MPS - The North Central Coast Mobile Police Regiment under the High Command of Mobile Police on November 26 mobilized forces and means to participate in the 2019 combat exercise.

The exercise aims at improving leadership skills of mobile police commanders at all levels in handling complicated security and order situations, at the same time reviewing the efficiency of current weapons, equipment, supporting tools and professional means.

The exercise included several sections, such as the 25-movement and 34-movement martial art performances, head-to-head fighting, qigong performance, target approach and annihilation, and handling of social disturbances, protests and riots.

Speaking after the exercise, Lieutenant General Pham Quoc Cuong, Commander of the Mobile Police urged the police officers and soldiers of the North Central Coast Mobile Police Regiment to review the exercise, learn lessons and revise its combat plan in line with the reality.

Several photos of the event:


by An Nhien