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Outstanding public security delegates pay tribute to Uncle Ho

August, 23 2019
MPS - A delegation of outstanding officers of the Ministry of Public Security led by Senior Colonel Pham Ba Hau, Deputy Director of the Department of Party and Political Work on August 22 lit incense at the Monument to Heroes and Martyrs in Bac Son Street and reported their achievements at work at the President Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum.

The delegations included 50 police officers and soldiers with outstanding achievements in implementing the Directive No.5 of the Politburo on enhancing the movement “Studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, morals and lifestyle.”

In a solemn atmosphere, 50 delegates of the Public Security Forces laid wreaths at the mausoleum and paid tribute to President Ho Chi Minh.

At the mausoleum, the delegation expressed their deep gratitude to Uncle Ho, and reported the achievements of the Public Security Forces in studying and following the thoughts, morals and style of Uncle Ho.

Over the past time, the public security officers and soldiers have raised their sense of responsibility, studied and trained, strengthened their political stance, and been absolutely loyal to the Party’s leadership and the State’s laws. They have also promoted internal solidarity and close relationship with the people, and contributed positively to ensuring national security, social order and safety as well as to maintaining a peaceful life for people.

Many outstanding examples of police officers have been found in the implementation of the movement. These exemplary public security officers have always devoted to work despite their difficulties and hardships at work and in life, and successfully fulfilled their assigned tasks, contributing to building a healthy and safe society.

In front of Uncle Ho, the 50 delegates representing thousands of public security officers and soldiers promised to be absolutely loyal to the Party, the State, the country and the people; continue studying and following Uncle Ho’s thoughts, morals and lifestyle as well as his Six Teachings to the Public Security Forces; and unite in overcoming all challenges and difficulties, and promoting the glorious heroic tradition and achievements of the forces and successfully fulfilling all tasks given by the Party, the State and the people.

By Le Hoa