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Party and political work of Northern agencies and units in first quarter of 2019 reviewed

March, 13 2019
MPS - Major General Dao Gia Bao, Member of the Public Security Central Party Committee, Director of the Party and Political Work Department under Ministry of Public Security, on March 13, chaired a conference in Nghe An to review party and political work in the first quarter of 2019 of the Northern public security agencies and units.

Delegates at the conference.


The conference saw the presence of representatives of the Northern public security agencies and units. Along with restructuring their organization and reposting personnel, the Northern public security agencies and units have completed their Party organization and well maintained the effective Party work in accordance with their new organizational apparatus since the beginning of the year. The Northern public security agencies and units have enhanced political and ideological education for officers and Party members.

Overview of the conference.


Meanwhile, the movements of "People's Public Security Forces following 6 teachings of Uncle Ho", "All people protecting national security" and the campaign of “Building on People’s Public Security officers' qualities of bravery and humanity and dedication to the people” were well implemented with various practical contents and in innovated forms by honoring on time the units and individuals with outstanding performances. As a result, the public security discipline and working regulations and working conduct were seriously and effectively implemented by public security officers and soldiers, contributing to improving the fighting capacity of the whole forces.

Delegates in a discussion session of the conference.


Delivering the concluding remarks, Major General Dao Gia Bao praised all efforts and achievements of the Party committees of all Northern public security agencies units over the past time.

The Major General urged Party committees at all levels of public security agencies and units in the Northern provinces to further educate their officers and Party members about morality and conduct at work and in life. They should instruct their officers and Party cadres to devotedly serve the people; build a regularized style at work; pay special attention to preventing corruption, red tape, imperiousness and wrongdoings at work; and promptly praise units and individuals with outstanding achievements to encourage all officers and soldiers to successfully complete their assigned tasks.

Major General Dao Gia Bao, Director of Party and Political Work, delivers closing remarks.

by Tran Nghiep