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Police and border guard team up to fight drug-related crimes

April, 10 2019
MPS - The Investigation Police Department on Drug-related Crimes under the Ministry of Public Security and the Drug and Crime Control Department under the Command of Border Guard, Ministry of Defence, on April 9 signed a coordination agreement in preventing and fighting drug-related crimes.

Major General Bui Duc Hanh, Vice Commander of Border Guard, attended and spoke at the event. The signing ceremony was chaired by Major General Pham Van Cac, Director of the Investigation Police Department on Drug-related Crimes and Major General Ngo Thai Dung, Director of the Drug and Crime Control Department under the Command of Border Guard.

The police force in charge of drug-related crimes has actively coordinated over the past time with the relevant force of the Border Guard Command to implement effectively many plans to prevent and fight drug-related crimes in border areas, border gates and at sea.

In fact, the two sides have supported each other in investigating drug cases and catching drug criminals in border areas. The relations between the two forces have developed comprehensively and effectively over the time.

Speaking at the event, Major General Pham Van Cac underlined that drug trafficking and trading activities still remain complicated in many localities, particularly those along the borderline as criminals use increasingly sophisticated, cunning and artful methods; this requires further cooperation and coordination of the two forces.

In the time to come, the two units would continue to support and coordinate with each other by exchanging information about key localities, sea areas and border crossings which see bustling activities of drug trafficking. They should join armed patrols along borders to prevent and fight criminal activities, team up to invest special cases to remove armed drug transport lines based in neighboring countries, especially from Laos, into Vietnam.


by Duy Tien