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Police Department of Fire and Rescue reviews its task performance over first half of 2020

July, 09 2020
MPS - The Police Department of Fire and Rescue (PDFR) under the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) on July 8 held a meeting to review its task performance in the first half of 2020, and roll out a working plan for the second half of 2020. Major General Le Quoc Hung, Deputy Minister of Public Security, attended and delivered a speech at the meeting.

Overview of the meeting.

According to reports at the meeting, 1,490 structure and vehicle fires were recorded across the country in the first half of 2020. These incidents killed 42 people, injured 86 and caused a loss of VND 336.65 billion in total. At the same time, there were 160 forest fires, destroying 756 hectares of forest. Additionally, 19 explosions happened, killing six people and injuring 25 people.

The fire and rescue police force has participated in hundreds of search and rescue missions, in which fire police officers have successfully saved 256 people and found some 200 remains of victims. They have also evacuated thousands of people to escape from dangerous situations. Additionally, the fire and rescue police force has taken various measures to prevent fire and explosion at major cultural and political events as well as key economic and political establishments across the country over the past time.

With its achievements in the emulation movement "For Homeland Security" in the period of 2015-2020, the PDFR was awarded the First-Class Fatherland Protection Order by the State President while many other individuals and teams are praised by authorities at all levels. Additionally, many units of the fire and rescue police forces and firefighters have received thank-you letters from local authorities, organizations, and people.

Under the authority of the Prime Minister, Deputy Minister Le Quoc Hung presents the Government's Emulation Flag to a team with outstanding achievements in the emulation movement in 2019.

Regarding the key missions of the fire and rescue police force in the time to come, Deputy Minister Hung requested the Fire and Rescue Police Department to increase fire safety inspection and strictly handle violations against fire safety regulations.

The Deputy Minister also stated that the fire and rescue police force should proactively take preventive measures against fire and explosions while developing inter-regional firefighting plans in case of widespread and huge fires. They should also work out plans and approaches to prevent and fight forest fires while applying scientific and technological advances and expanding international cooperation in fighting fires.

by Hai Long