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Police forces urged to actively brace for new tropical depression

August, 07 2019
MPS - The Office of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) on August 7 sent a dispatch to the Steering Committees for Climate Change, Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, and Search and Rescue of all Northern provincial/municipal police departments, and the High Command of Mobile Police, the Department of Traffic Police, the Department of Fire Police and others relevant units, requesting them to proactively prepare efforts and assets, and draw up plans in response to a tropical depression from the East Sea.

The dispatch reads:

To actively and effectively respond to the tropical depression, the Ministry of Public Security asks all above mentioned units to:

Seriously implement directions of the Prime Minister, the Central Steering Committee for Disaster Prevention, the Office of the National Committee for Search and Rescue, the MPS as well as of local authorities on responses to dangerous weather phenomena.

Follow closely developments of the tropical depression to make appropriate plans; popularize safety measures in disaster to all people as well as promote information about the extreme weather phenomenon prevention work of the Public Security Forces.

Prepare sufficient forces and means, coordinate with other forces in conducting search and rescue missions on request.

Regularly report situations to the MPS Office via telephone number 0913.555.323, 069.2341042; Fax: 069.2341044.

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