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Police seek solutions to improve effectiveness of managing and controlling mobile criminals

September, 16 2020
MPS - The People’s Police Academy and the Criminal Police Department under the Ministry of Public Security co-organized a scientific seminar themed “Situation and approaches to enhance the effectiveness of the management of mobile criminals” on September 15.

Overview of the seminar.

Over the past time, the crime situation has changed drastically in terms of the range of criminal operations. As a result, criminals move across different wards, communes and districts, and frequently change locations of committing crimes. Criminals from one province also connect with criminals in other provinces or even other countries to form criminal groups. There have been criminal cases in which foreigners or the oversea Vietnamese led the criminal rings to commit crime internationally.

The scientific seminar aimed to review the results of the management of mobile criminals and give an additional insight into mobile criminals and mobile crimes. The discussion also serves as a foundation for building database systems and management software for this type of crime.

The delegates at the seminar.

At the seminar, delegates presented good experiences and practices of the police in managing and combating mobile criminals as well as gave recommendations, proposals and solutions to the Ministry of Public Security in order to improve the effectiveness of the management and control of mobile criminals.

by Mai Hoa