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Policemen training Military Regulations and Martial Art

October, 09 2017
MPS - Participants in the training program from units of the General Department of Politics (G.D 3) located in Ho Chi Minh City and some other local public security units have been organized into two classes to drill from October 2nd to 13th.

Based on the instructions of the Public Security General Department of Politics on enhancing training the military regulations and martial art, the Political Affairs Department deployed the training plan in 2017 for police officers and soldiers of the General Department of Politics stationed in Ho Chi Minh City and some other units of Ministry of Public Security such as the Department for "All people protecting national security" Movement (V28), the Cipher Department (H48), the Fire and Rescue Police Department (C66).



The training drive has provided opportunity for the participating police officers and soldiers to practice and improve their knowledge and skills regarding the Order Regulation, Marching Regulation and Public Security Ceremonial Regulation. 

The drills will hopefully raise sense of responsibility among the participating policemen, and create a positive change in observing the regulations in the public security forces, contributing to better accomplishing the assigned tasks.

During the training period, the Division of Military Regulations, Martial Art under the Department of Political Affairs has well prepared contents of the program, manpower, and final tests. The division also prepared the training area for the police officers to fully meet the training conditions.

By An Nhien