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Public Security Forces asked to build up the image of officer

January, 11 2018
MPS - The Central Public Security Party Committee and the entire Public Security Forces will further unite and strive to achieve all set goals for 2018 and continue building the friendly image of the police officer friendly and devoted to the people.


At the conference. 

These were among the key tasks of the Public Security Forces highlighted by Senior Lieutenant General To Lam, Member of the Politburo, Secretary of the Central Public Security Party Committee and Minister of Public Security at a conference organized on January 10 to summarize the Party work of 2017 and roll out tasks for 2018.

The event also saw Senior Lieutenant General Le Quy Vuong, Deputy Minister of Public Security as well as other leaders of the MPS, representatives the Party Central Committee’s Office, the Central Organizing Commission and the Central Inspection Commission of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

After the opening remarks made by Minister Lam, Deputy Minister Le Quy Vuong delivered an overall report summarizing all activities of the public security forces in 2017 and rolled out missions for 2018. According to the report, in 2017, the Central Public Security Party Committee closely followed the directions by the Politburo, Central Party Committee, National Assembly and Government and successfully implemented all working programs and gained various important achievements.

Minister To Lam at the event.

The public security forces of Vietnam managed to grasp the situation thoroughly and promptly advised the higher level authorities on appropriate policies, solutions and legal documents relating to security and order, facilitating socio-economic development and international integration of the country. The forces also succeeded in preventing and defeating sabotage conspiracies and activities of hostile forces, ensure absolute safety for important targets, political events and activities of leaders of the Party and State, particularly the APEC 2017 events.

Regarding prevention and combat against crimes, the forces achieved all set targets, including some outdone. Specifically, the forces promptly invested and effectively solved special and serious cases while controlling the number of crimes. The forces also actively improved their working methods and operations for further effectiveness and efficiency.

Participants of the conference.

Concluding the conference, Minister To Lam emphasized that all Party committees and chains of command of public security agencies and units should further strengthen their leadership and direction over their units, closely and seriously follow and implement all resolutions and policies of the Party and laws of the State, relating to the forces’ missions.

He also expressed his hope that the Central Public Security Party Committee, the whole Public Security Forces will unite and strive to achieve all set objectives for 2018; and build up the image of the police officer friendly and devoted to the people.

By Duy Tien