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Public Security Forces ensure round-the-clock safety and security for US-DPRK summit

February, 26 2019

The Vietnamese Public Security Forces are coordinating closely with security forces of the US and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to ensure security and public order in all areas related to the second US - North Korea Summit in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Various security layers have been positioned for the summit.

Armoured vehicles are also mobilized for security protection.

Police forces are deployed to maintain absolute safety and security along the whole routes that the US and DPRK delegations are expected to travel.

Police dogs are used to protect public order, safety and security.

The female traffic police officers at traffic intersections attract many domestic and international photographers.

People welcome the delegations.

Police and security forces regularly patrol along key streets of Hanoi.

Thousands of domestic and international reporters are provided with the most favorable conditions to perform their work.

A number of routes and streets are blocked or restricted for the Summit.

An on-duty traffic police officer.

In spite of the cold weather of the evening in Hanoi, police officers and soldiers are still on the round-the-clock watch at the designated locations.

The hotel, where Trump stays during the summit, is strictly protected.

By Minh Thao