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Public Security forces fulfilled tasks on the first day of APEC Economic Leaders’ Week

November, 07 2017
MPS - Despite of bad weather, officers and soldiers of professional departments of the Ministry of Public Security in collaboration with the Da Nang Municipal Police and other local police units successfully fulfilled tasks on the first day of APEC Economic Leaders’ Week.

The first working day of the APEC Economic Leaders’ Week has started on November 6 in Da Nang. At the places where relevant events took place, officers and soldiers of assigned police units have well performed in ensuring social order, security and safety.

Despite bad weather causing by Damrey typhoon, our officiers and soldiers presented at the corepoints to control traffic route.  


Major General Tran Ha Son, Director of the Department of Traffic Police shared that: “Earlier, we got plans in detail to serve the best for APEC Economic Leaders’ Week”. 
A mobile police standing guard outside an event. 
Security check-in has been deployed strictly. 
Despite bad weather, the force still stayed on point. 
A female traffic police controlling traffic route. 
By Linh Bui