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Public Security Forces have ensured national security and well maintained social order, Minister Lam speaks at NA Permanent Committee

September, 12 2019
MPS - General To Lam, Politburo's member, Minister of Public Security said the Public Security Forces have so far in 2019 taken many drastic measures to ensure absolute political security and well maintain social order and safety, contributing to creating a peaceful, stable environment for the country’s development.

The statement was made by General To Lam when delivering a government report at a meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee on crime prevention and combat, judgment execution and anti-corruption work in 2019.

According to Minister To Lam, the Government has well performed its functions of grasping and forecasting domestic and international situations, actively responded to negative impacts from the outside on national security, and firmly protected national interests and maintained peace for the country's socio-economic development.

The Government also paid due attention to prevention and fight against crimes and law violations while improving institutions, completing the legal system, mechanisms and policies to promote the comprehensive strength of the political system and entire society for prevention and fight against crimes and law violations.

Under the sound direction of the Government, the Public Security Forces have firmly ensured national security, defeated all conspiracies and acts of sabotage of hostile and reactionary forces, especially plots to incite protests, disturbances, and acts of terrorism and sabotage. 

"The struggle to suppress criminals has achieved many positive results as the police have investigated and handled 33,470 criminal cases, making up 84.2% of the total, exceeding the target set by the National Assembly. Especially, the successful investigation rate of the serious and extremely serious cases reached 90.4% and 95.2% respectively", Minister To Lam said.

The Minister of Public Security also revealed that the police have stamped out 2,160 criminal gangs of various kinds, including "black credit" networks, crime of child abuse, illegal fetus trading networks and bank robberies.

The prevention and fight against crimes and offences related to economic wrongdoings and corruption have also achieved good results. Most major cases of great public concern have been successfully investigated.

In 2019, the Government also instructed the MPS to launch intensive campaigns against illegal exploitation of sand and gravel from the river, illegal import of scraps at risk of environmental pollution, and other violations in illegal exploitation of forestry products. However, Minister To Lam admitted that environmental crimes and violations of food safety regulations have still remained complicated. 

Regarding cyber security, the police have implemented many plans and measures to detect and fight hi-tech and cyber crimes, particularly credit card and electronic payment fraud; gambling, illegal online sport betting and hi-tech crime committed by foreigners in Vietnam.

Regarding the prevention and fight against drug-related crimes, the police detected and handled 20,247 cases with 31,464 suspects arrested. The force seized over 1 ton of heroin, nearly 6 tons of synthetic drugs, over 600 kg of opium, 760kg of marijuana and many related exhibits. 

According to Minister To Lam, the police force classified and handled 84.8% of the reports and denunciations of crimes. The work was processed in line with the laws and under the close supervision of the procuracy agencies at all levels.

Meanwhile, the police force has handled three million cases of administrative violations, particularly offences of traffic order and safety regulations.

In terms of fire prevention and fighting, the fire police force has conducted a number of comprehensive fire prevention inspections, with a focus on public places, populous quarters, fire-prone business establishments and tall buildings of offices and appartments. During the fire inspection drives, the force detected and handled a large number of violations of fire safety regulations.

By Hai Van