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Quang Ninh promotes “All people protecting national security” movement

March, 16 2018
MPS - The Quang Ninh Provincial Steering Committee for Prevention and Combat against Crimes and Social Evils and the Movement of “All people protecting national security” on March 15 In Ha Long city held a conference to review results of the province’s implementation of the movements in 2017 and deploy new plans for 2018.

The event was attended by Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Son, Deputy Minister of Public Security and Head of the Central Steering Committee on the Movement of “All people protecting national security”, and Mr. Nguyen Duc Long, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee of Quang Ninh.

In 2017, the movement of prevention and combat against crimes and social evils as well as the Movement of “All people protecting national security” were conducted effectively by local Party committees, local authorities and Steering Sub-Committees at all levels in Quang Ninh with various practical activities. Particularly, local Party committees, authorities and Steering Committees at all levels focused on disseminating information and mobilizing people from all walks of life to raise the sense of responsibility in maintaining social order and safety; promoted coordination between the local police force and relevant agencies in prevention and fight against crimes; and developed effective security management models at the grassroots level, attracting the participation of all people in the protection of national security.

Speaking at the event, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son recognized and praised the efforts and achievements in the movement of “All people protecting national security” of Quang Ninh.

He also asked the local Party committees and authorities and Steering Committees at all levels to fully perceive the protection of national security as an important political mission of the whole Party and people with the Public Security Forces playing the key role; implement measures to bring into full play the strength of all people in enhancing efficiency of prevention and fight against crimes and social evils. He also emphasized that the movement must be implemented in line with the State management of security and order, with a focus on the management of migration and conditional business activities as well as prevention and fight against drug-related crimes.

On this occasion, the Ministry of Public Security also awarded “Emulation” flags to 3 units, certificates of merit to 14 teams while the Provincial People’s Committee honored 15 teams and individuals with 2 “Emulation” flags and 15 certificates of merit to outstanding organizations and individuals, and the Provincial Police Department honored 120 teams and individuals with large contributions to the movement “All people protecting national security” in 2017.

By Giang Anh