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Quang Ninh Provincial Police enhance management over entry and exit amid novel corona virus

February, 10 2020
MPS - Quang Ninh has land and sea borders with China, and sees a large number of people crossing the border. As a result, it is considered an area of high risk of the acute respiratory disease caused by the new strain of Corona virus (2019-nCoV).

Officers are checking the foreigner list at local accommodation facilities.


Under the direction of the Ministry of Public Security and the authority of Quang Ninh, the Provincial Police Department of Quang Ninh has mobilized its forces to enhance the management over border crossing and residency of foreigners in the province, in an effort to prevent 2019-nCoV.

The Immigration Office under the Quang Ninh Provincial Police Department has closely coordinated over the past time with local police units and other relevant agencies and forces to promote the management of foreigners entering, exiting and residing in the province.

The Office has coordinated with the Police Office on Administrative Management on Social Order to list all foreigners residing in the province, particularly those coming from the virus-hit region. They also asked accommodation service providers to raise their awareness of prevention and control of the disease.

Additionally, the Immigration Office also strengthened checks of entry and exit of passengers at Van Don International Airport, especially Vietnamese on the charter flights coming from the epidemic areas under the direction of the Prime Minister.

Before the Traditional Lunar New Year 2020, there were some 900 Chinese nationals working at various businesses and industrial zones in Quang Ninh. But the number of Chinese entering the Vietnamese province appears to have dropped.

In the coming days, the Immigration Office will continue to coordinate with local police units to strictly manage immigration, focusing on checking foreigners at local accommodation facilities and fully follow the procedures for temporary residence declaration to maintain public order and security as well as to enhance disease prevention.

by Duy Tien