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Quang Ninh Provincial Police promote law dissemination activities

January, 10 2019
MPS - Various units under the Provincial Police Department of Quang Ninh recently conducted law dissemination drives for citizens in the province.

Traffic police officers of Mong Cai disseminate traffic laws to taxi drivers.

The Police Station of Mong Cai city recently held a meeting to disseminate the Traffic Law to over 400 taxi drivers in the city, delivering useful information on regulations directly related to taxi business, punishments and common mistakes in driving, with a focus on offences related to drink-driving.

Meanwhile, the Police Station of Co To District hosted a dissemination session on traffic safety, techniques and skills in fire prevention and fighting and rescue for students at Thanh Lan Secondary School.

Officers of Co To Police Station guide students to use fire extinguisher.

Police officers provided students with basic knowledge of traffic safety and regulations related to use of electric bikes. Additionally, teachers and students of Thanh Lan Secondary School also practiced using dry powder and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers to put out simulated fires. The students also signed commitment to strictly abide by the Traffic Law and other regulations on fire prevention and fighting during the upcoming Lunar New Year and other festivals. 

By Hanh An