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Quang Yen early completes the project to reinforce communal police force

February, 13 2020
MPS - Quang Yen town is one of the localities in Quang Ninh province that has early completed the project on posting full-time police officers to all local communes.

As a result, all of the communes in the town have met the requirements for organizing Party congresses of the basic level.  The efforts of the town’s police were highly appreciated by the local authorities and people.

* Lien Vi is a small commune with over 2,300 households and 9,500 people. However, it experienced complex security and social order issues.

Since the Lien Vi Communal Post was reorganized and reinforced with professional police officers, the local order and security situation has been improved.

Police officers join people in reinforcing local dikes.


The communal police force regularly advises the local Party committee and authority on solutions to local order and security issues while actively taking preventive measures and fighting crime to ensure local security and safety.

Since the consolidation of the Communal Police post, the local police detected one case of property theft, two cases of illegal drug storage and one case of gambling. They also encouraged two drug addicts to voluntarily join the detoxification center. The police force also provides timely and effective support for local people in dealing with administrative procedures, particularly residence permit application under the Residence Law.

* Like Lien Vi, Tien An has an area of 25.93 square kilometers, with a population of nearly 10,000 residents and 16 villages. The public order and security situation in the commune were comparatively complex. Since professional police officers were posted to the commune, the situation has seen positive developments.

Major Bui Thanh Long was appointed as Head of the Tien An Communal Police Post along with two other professional police officers. They have successfully maintained local security and social order while actively mobilizing local people to participate in the movement “All people protecting national security”. The local police, under the direction of the communal Party committee and authority, successfully encouraged locals to support the expansion of Provincial Road 331B and other ongoing projects in the locality, contributing to speeding up the progress of the projects.

According to Colonel Vu Xuan Lich, Chief of the Quang Yen Town Police Station, the Quang Yen town police seriously implemented the instructions on deploying professional police to communal police posts from the Ministry of Public Security as well as from the Quang Ninh Provincial Party Committee and People's Committee, and the Quang Ninh Province Police Department.

Police forces protect the security and safety for the Tien Cong Festival.


By December 31, 2019, the town’s police had completed the project to post professional police officers to all communes.


by Thanh Luan