Singing contest for security guards opens

May, 08 2022
MPS - In celebration of the 132nd birthday of President Ho Chi Minh (May 19, 1890 - 2022) and the 70th founding anniversary the Security Guard Force (February 16, 1953 - 2023), the Security Guard Command under the Ministry of Public Security on May 7 opened a singing contest for security guard officers and announced the establishment of a Performing Arts Club.

The singing contest attracted some 500 candidates who are officers and soldiers from 15 sub-units of the command.

During the two-night contest, 45 acts were performed.

Major General Tran Hai Quan speaks at the ceremony.

The performances praise the Party and Uncle Ho, the Fatherland, and the beautiful image of the Public Security Forces. 

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Major General Tran Hai Quan, Commander of the Security Guard Command, emphasized that the singing contest is a meaningful activity for officers and soldiers from subunits under the command, meeting their needs for arts, improving their cultural lives, and contributing to the common task accomplishment. 

Leaders of the Security Guard Command present Certificates of Merit to officers who had made great contributions to the building of the Performing Arts Club.

The festival was well organized with high-quality performances, he affirmed.

Regarding the Performing Arts Club of the Security Guard Force, Major General Tran Hai Quan stated that this club will foster artistic talents and promote cultural movements across the Security Guard Force.

Leaders of the Security Guard Command give flowers to representatives of units participating in the singing contest.

The club will train its members to participate in performing arts competitions inside and outside the Security Guard Force. 

It will also serve as a venue for security guard officers who have interests and passions for arts. 

* Some pictures of the performances at the contest:

by Duc Huy