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Son La police develop self-managed multi-family groups to ensure security and order at grassroots-level

February, 24 2020
MPS - Over the past time, the Son La Provincial Police Department has promoted the “All people protecting national security” movement by establishing a number of self-managed multi-family groups.

This security model has contributed to effectively preventing crimes and maintaining local political security and social order and safety.

A self-managed multi-family group conducts patrol in the locality.


Such a security group in Dong Giang village, Hong Ngai commune (Bac Yen district) has 76 members, including eight Party members. Every month, the group holds meetings to assess its task performance and roll out its working plan for the next month. The group focuses on disseminating laws to local children, supporting local residents to stabilize their lives and reduce poverty, and mobilizing local people to participate in the prevention and fight against drug-related crime and other social evils.

The Bac Yen district police instruct members of self-managed security group to maintain public order and security in their localities.


Currently, there are nearly 1,500 self-managed multi-family groups effectively operating in Bac Yen district. These groups join local police forces in patrols and maintaining security and social order in their localities.

Members of a self-managed security group hold monthly meeting.


In the coming time, the Bac Yen district police will evaluate the outcomes of the operation of these self-managed security groups, draw lessons from the groups’ operations, and work out the best model of self-managed multi-family groups to improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness.


by Minh Tuan