Southern waterway police units intensify measures to curb with COVID-19

July, 19 2021
MPS - The police forces of An Giang and Can Tho, especially the Waterway Police Force, has coordinated with other functional forces to strengthen inspection and control at local waterway checkpoints to prevent COVID-19.

In An Giang, police officers at waterway COVID-19 checkpoints work around the clock, requesting people and watercraft entering the province to make medical declarations. They also used loudspeaker to ask people and vehicles to comply with COVID-19 regulations.

In addition to the anti-COVID-19 mission, the local waterway police also carried out the tasks of ensuring traffic safety and fighting against crime on waterways.

Waterway police force in An Giang province tightens anti-pandemic measures.

In Can Tho, according to Major General Nguyen Van Thuan, Director of the Can Tho Municipal Police Department, in order to enhance the effectiveness and safety of all forces at local waterway COVID-19 checkpoints, the leadership of the city’s police has asked the local police forces to strictly control vehicles and people entering the city. At the same time, they promptly detected and handled violating people and vehicles entering Can Tho city from COVID-19-hit areas.  

In addition, the local police forces are asked to strictly handle acts against on-duty officers. The on-duty police officers and soldiers must also comply with COVID-19 regulations to ensure safety for themselves and other people.

by Hai Van