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Tay Ninh Police successfully cracks down on over 20 black credit rings

November, 24 2019
MPS - The Tay Ninh Provincial Police Department on November 21 held a conference to review its movement “All people protecting national security” in 2019.

At the conference, Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Trai, Director of the Tay Ninh Provincial Police Department said that, in 2019, the police emulation groupings in all districts and towns of Tay Ninh have well implemented the emulation movement’s contents and targets set by the Tay Ninh Provincial Police Department as well as the local Party committee and authority in ensuring security and order.

Overview of the conference.


The unit also launched many campaigns to suppress crimes, especially “black credit” and drug-related crimes. The rate of successfully investigated cases, as well the rate of successful handling of reports on fugitives and crimes all surpassed the set objectives.

In particular, among 1,089 criminal cases occurred in the province, the Tay Ninh Police successfully investigated 985 cases or 90.4% of the total, cracked down on 659 gambling cases and arrested 3,400 offenders.

During an intensive campaign against crimes, the local police force successfully cracked down on 22 “black credit” rings and arrested 62 persons involved. 

by Viet Anh